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Modification Requested - Abuse by Buyer


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Hey my friends! I just found fiverr as a wonderful opportunity to spent some spare time on translating and earning a little pocket money.

I have a question to my fellow sellers about how you would deal with it:

I have this customer, who booked a gig repeatedly and after I delivered, requests a modification stating in the comment "Could you please also translate this? “bla bla bla yada yada yada,…” forcing me to translate some more text for him for free, to get the gig which I already finished properly, accepted by him.

Should I risk telling him to separate the gigs and first finish the still open gig I’ve done or should I just do the translation and try to contact the fiverr admins in private?

What would you do in my situation? I’m curious about your answers.

Thank you and enjoy your time!



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I have recently had the same thing. The buyer had been taking the proverbial up to that point anyway, including putting pressure me to complete the gig ahead of the agreed time frame and then saying he will wait, but adding that he will not use me again.

Once I completed it suddenly he “remembered other bits that needed adding”, I told him that I was going to explore where I stood with Customer Services as I didn’t feel I should have to do that work as it was outside the gig (I’ve been on fiverr 2 weeks), he then started getting threatening and wanting to cancel. In the space of five minutes (literally) he went from lovely my work and wanting me to do more for free, to telling me my work was unusable and essentially trying to bully me into doing the work.

I’ve escalated it, and told him not to contact me anymore as I am finding the tone of his messages aggressive. He has sent me another one since, but I just deleted it without reading. Such a horrible experience and I very much doubt I will get paid.

All my other clients so far have been fab though, so there are still good people out there!

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