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Pleeeeease be sure to order your gig through the RIGHT one


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This is the first time I place a comment in this category 🙂

So I am a seller here at Fiverr, and I have met really nice buyers, but recently I have noticed this

problem that pops up every now and then. I left a message in the “Ranting pot” section to see if other people had the same problem, and it seems like MANY of them had the same experience.

Here’s the problem the sellers are having:

Buyers ordering a gig through the WRONG gig order box.

Many sellers here offer more than one gig. I myself offer 3 of them.

One is a logo-design, one is an anime-style character drawing, and one is a translation.

I have another gig to accept tips, but I guess this doesn’t really count as a “gig” 😛

I had a buyer recently ordering my anime gig using the tip gig.

When I first saw my “manage gig” inbox, of course I was very happy that

someone gave me a tip. It’s not just about the money, it just feels so great that someone really

liked your work, and was pleased to a point where they decided to tip. This is a great feeling for us,

and it really motivates us too.

But, in this case, there was a message saying " please draw me an image. thank you.“

2 problems here.

ONE, I was VERY disappointed. I’ll be honest, I love tips! I thought someone was really appreciating my work!

TWO, I had less time to work on it.

Since the tip gig is about simply accepting a payment,

all I need to do is type a thank you message, click deliver, and done.

So for the tip gig, the finishing time is set to 3 days.

My other anime/translation gigs are set to 6 days because it does take time.

I could have asked for a cancelation, but I didn’t want it to hurt my rating, so I did finish the image,

but I had to put my other gigs to the side since I needed to finish this one first.

I have read in another thread that there was a buyer who intentionally ordered a gig using another gig order box

( with a shorter finishing date) simply because he wanted to get it done earlier.

My thing with the tip gig is a more extreme example, but I have had people order through my

translation gig, but asking for an anime character.

I sometimes go away on a business trip, and because of that I need to suspend my anime gig

since this is the one that is the most time consuming, and sometimes I need to use the scanner.

Still, buyers wants the image, and they order the anime through the translation gig.

I’ve had a case where I had to pull out my tablet and draw a character at the airport since somene did this to me!

Buyers, please keep in mind that when we suspend a gig for a certain amount of time, WE DO IT FOR A REASON.

I have pointed out this mistake to the buyers, and they do say “Oh, I’m sorry, I made a mistake” but hey, please.

The description is clear, there is NO way you can mistake something between

"I will draw something for you” VS "I will TRANSLATE something for you"

I guess some buyers might be thinking “come on, in the end, you are getting another gig,

don’t complain!” and yes, in most cases, we are cool with it.

But please remember that in some cases, it REALLY is a problem for us.

Thx for reading!

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