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Unexpected warning from fiverr


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Today I received from fiverr this warning…


It seems that you have provided or offered a direct payment to another user, which besides being uncool, violates our Terms of Service. Please note that this warning may affect your eligibility for Levels and other features and your account status."

I didn’t do any of that… I was offered direct payment from one guy from Africa, but I rejected it. Asked him to go through fiverr and he coudn’t do so. So I just didn’t provide him anything.

How they do that, why they don’t provide exact reason for such thing…

It’s really disappointing.

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Truely speaking he told me that he tries to transfer money to fiverr, but it always fail.
He asked from fiverr support and they suggested him to use another card or contact paypal. He asked what I can suggest and
I suggested him the same to use another card or contact paypal. I guess these words brought me the warning.

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Thanks! I hope so…
I opened a ticket and asked them to go through all the messages to see all was correct.
Yes, I know that there are keywords that should not be used in messages… as many others sometimes I mark words like pay and money. This time the message I sent was:
"Sorry about that. I guess, paypal is responsible here.
You could try to use another card. Maybe transfer mo
ney on paypal and pay from it.
I don’t know really, I guess you could try those options and maybe contact pa*ypal."
It was after he asked what would be the reason that he cannot transfer money to fiverr and what should he try.

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