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Is it possible to see buyers completed orders and last order date of a buyer? I am facing the problem that many buyers are contacting me, just to collect different information, without the intention to buy my services at all… ?

If i had that option i would be able put more or less effort to that buyer.

Really disappointing to communicate on and on, without a result …

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We all go through that 🙂 People look for the best offers what can I say and many try to get some information from us for free. In real life same thing happens all the time, you go to one shop and check the prices, then another… collect information and then purchase what is the best.
I also don’t like the fact that buyers don’t have statistics with reviews so we cannot see who we deal with untill they trick us somehow.

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Reply to @esodot: tell me that 🙂 I have to study “buyers” problems and provide ideas for free all the time… and when I set a quote they run scared… 😃 so time is wasted.

I always wonder why people want me to write code for 5-10$, when they wouldn’t do
anything of the kind for such money themselves…
Recently there was a case, I had a client from Canada…
he asked to write some code in js, my quote was 30$. Of course he complained it was too much.
Then he came back and said that he did some work himself and asked for some fixes he coudn’t do
for 20$ and it has to be very fast, I agreed.
He wrote if I could do it cheaper… I explaied I couldn’t and asked to look for other developers.
He tried to do so and came back after a while saying that 20$ was very fair price since
the other guy told him that the work will be done in 10 hours for 120$ !!!
I felt very cheap that day, but had to complete the task after all 😃

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