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Hello , how can i block an user on fiverr?


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i really want to know how to block an user on fiverr or i don’t receive message from him anymore.

in the last days i received may spam message from the same user and sometimes with another account but the same message.

a message not about work , it’s about another topic and also want me to contact him not on fiverr.

so i want to block him and don’t receive no more message from him , because that’s wasting time.

to contact it’s only for work nor for wasting time

thank you

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That is basically blocking them. in the message itself. Look on your bottom right-hand corner you will see report.
Then CS will handle it and you will see " this person will no longer be able to send you messages" as an alert in the message itself in a few hours or so… I think less time though. You can also unblock this person at anytime as well.

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