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Discussion about stock images and your, and your customers rights to use them

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I know this questions should be asked to the different stock image providers out there, and I have done so waiting for a reply. Whilst waiting, I was curious if anyone active on fiverr and in the forums have any experience and knowledge in this matter and perhaps this discussion will enlighten anyone working on fiverr, using stock images and being unaware of the legal rights of using them.

An example:
I’ve been looking for sites with licenses that allow you to use their images in templates for resale. Some sites have extended licenses which allows this, and some does not. When you create a gig where you allow a customer to get a customized message in a stock image you purchased, to my understanding, the image is being used as/in a template if I’m not mistaken.

So let’s say you then purchase the image, with an extended license, which allows for this use (depending on the site), my next question would be, what rights to the client that buys this final customized image have? How can this person use the image? Does the license of the stock image being used, apply to him as well?
That has been a quite difficult thing for me to understand while reading different stock sites license agreements.

For example, Canstock (I hope it’s alright to mention company names here) says:
“When purchasing a file from us, you accept the license agreement either on behalf of yourself, your company, or your client. If purchasing on behalf of a company, you must be allowed to accept legal agreements on the company’s or client’s behalf.”

Does that mean that the license does apply to the client as well? Even as its incorporated into a final image?

Does anyone have any experience with this or thoughts about this they feel like sharing?

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Okay so I got an answer from Canstock, and did some research about stock licenses on other sites as well.

I’ll make an example to make it easier to understand:

You buy a image of an IPhone on Canstock with an Unlimited Reproductions Enhanced License (50$), then use this in a gig where you allow the customer to add their own text or image to this Iphone image and then sell it to them.
As I understand, you can sell this image (with different customizations for every client) up to 10,000 times. Then once the 10,000 times is up, you have to buy a new license.
Also, your customer has no rights whatsoever to use this image for any commercial purposes. They may only use it on their own website or for personal use.


It’s basically very restricting on what your customer can do with the final image. Should be something every Fiverr seller should know about when they do Gigs like customized messages and use stock images. At least let the client know what right he/she has in regards to using the image.

Always check what the license says for the stock site your buying the images from.

I hope this might be useful for anyone else having the same questions. 🙂

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