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SALES DECREASE: Please help & advice


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Hi there,

Thank you for reading this. I have been selling on Fiverr for a couple of months now and I have completed more than 100 orders, all with positive rating. I’m experiencing a drop down in sales from the beginning of this month. know it happens a lot but it never lased this long for me, I used to get no sales for three days or even a week maximum but recently it’s been a month without getting a single sale or impressions.

Is it something I did or it’s completely normal ? I tried refreshing me gig’s info including title, tags and description but nothing seems to work or have an effect on the number of impressions I get.

Please shares your thoughts, I will really appreciate your help.

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Hi rachidhue!

The number one thing that I can tell you to supercharge your gigs is to add videos to both of them. Your work is wonderful! You just need to showcase it with a video. When Fiverr says that a video can increase sales by 220%, they are not kidding. It really works! 🙂 If you have a phone that shoots video, even that is enough. People really like that personal connection they feel when seeing you present the gig yourself.

Also, getting the word out about yourself on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook can help as well.

-Tim @ Easy Media

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I want to suggest few things Rachidhue -

1- Don’t change your title. When you look at your gig url (design-a-unique-and-professional-logo) this is original title and will remain forever. So change your title to original.

2- Reduce your delivery time. 4 days are too much i think especially when you have 0 pending order and buyer won’t pay $20 for one day delivery.

3- I agree with @easymedia Videofy your gig it will help to get more impressions.

4- Use Buyer Request section.

5- Optimise your gig description. Put yourself at buyers place and think about words you will use to find a seller on fiverr.

Nice work. God Bless.

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