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New to Fiverr - Need Help


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If you are serious about selling your gigs here, you need to be patient and motivated enough to read through the forum. There are MANY helpful tips available.

Now on to the harsh part, I believe it would be quite difficult for you to get sales right now. I myself have several gigs here, and one of them is to translate English to Japanese, and vice versa. I’m a native Japanese speaker BTW. Just by reading the Japanese section from your gig description, I can tell you are not really fit for this job, and that will immediately drive buyers away.
Make you offer gigs based on what you are really good at.

Again, be sure to read through the forums carefully. You will find all the information and help you need.

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Once your Gig is Ready, feel Free to share it on this specific category: http://forum.fiverr.com/categories/promote-your-fiverr-gigs

The best way to bring sells on your gig is sharing it on social platforms as much as possible. You can also go for paid advertising to bring sells. However, make sure your gig is good enough and offering something good.

Keep in touch with the forum and follow top rated selles and their tips to enhance your career.

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…So I come back after a day, just to see if any changes have been made, but it seems like it’s still the same so far. I guess I’ll come back again in a few days.
If you really want success here, your gigs need to be good.
I hope to see some changes/improvements next time.

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