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Question about Fiverr Account Restriction

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Hey Guys!

I am new to fiverr. I’ve Just signup now 🙂

I read the fiverr account restriction and I’m confused at one line :-

"Sellers who create multiple accounts and offer similar gigs from the same electronic location are subject to be restricted for violations of our Terms of Service"

I am confused because my brother has a fiverr account from same internet (but different laptop).

I dont know what Similar Gigs mean, is it mean the Full category or the Sub-Category?

Mean my Brother offer T-Shirts (it is in graphic design). So can I offer Logo design or not? because it is also in graphic design…

I really Appreciate your Help!!


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If you are genuinely a brother offering services from a separate account on the same IP address (same computer) or same paypal email address/same internet then it is fine.

If you are someone who thinks he can manage numerous accounts, well, that’s not okay and I don’t think you should even have 2 accounts.

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