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Notifications appear randomly/Selective email notifications


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I have been just experiencing this problem for the last few days. I was sending and receiving messages from this buyer and then I wrote the last message and later, I got a notification saying he sent me another message. I never got that message. Then later on I have noticed that he did send me a second message, but it was before I sent mine (and the notification for it came a while after I sent my message).

This morning, I received a message from someone else and once I was on Fiverr.com, I noticed another notification, of another message from yesterday’s buyer. I did not get an email for getting that. Also, once I opened the notification, there was nothing in there. My reply from last night was the last thing on that page.

Has anyone experienced this kind of problem? Is there anything I can do about it? I’m a bit worried that I could miss important messages because of this…

Thank you!

Kind Regards,


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