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What do you think if buyers request more modifications for a order?

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Hello dear friend,

Have a nice day !! I think you guys are well.I’m new to fiverr forms.I’m from Sri Lanka.So what do you think if our buyers request many modifications for a order without any extra payment ? ( I did mean out of 3 modifications ).

Is this good for our sales ? But I think It’s good more than the cancellation.May be it’s not. 🙂

However we need to complete our orders within the delivery time we provided.So here are the my ideas and I like to know your ideas about this title. 🙂

Good luck !!!

Hasitha Lakshan.



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Hello, and welcome to Fiverr!

If you’re worried about the countdown, try to deliver your order more quickly or increase the expected delivery time on the gig so you have (for example) and extra day.

You can also put in the description and gig extras that modifications are an additional $5 charge so customers are aware before purchasing of the additional cost.

What are these revisions like? Resizing? Changing the background picture? Simply not liking the work? That can also affect what solution is most effective.


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Hi! I am from Srilanka as well and its really great to if I could be of help to you!!

Anyway, sometimes, modifications can seem to be very harassing and annoying even after doing your best. Its really not the fact that we offer any no. of revisions, but sometimes, I do my utmost and everything in my power but still the buyer is not satisfied!! When things like that happen, and I have done everything under my power I say “This is the best I can and if you don’t like it, tell me and I’ll cancel it”.

I know, it might sound rude(but I do explain it very politely), but sometimes, its becomes too annoying and I really don’t know what I have done wrong, and some won’t even say what it is!!! and I feel like we are just wasting time…

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