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Very Happy with New Modifications Model & New Source file Extra


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Fiverr have given a great update again for sellers.

New Modifications Model

"We are happy to introduce the new modifications model.

The new model enables sellers to better control requested modifications, while maintaining the buyer’s right to request modifications."

New Source File Extra

"We are happy to introduce the new source file extra.

This feature enables you to offer your delivery source file for purchase as a regular extra, after the delivery, and even after the order is completed."

Thank you Fiverr

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Reply to @thgibson24: I do voice over too and also was confused about this. However, if you use a program like audacity, you can save your file as a project file. For example .aud

I’m not positive, but the project file might be a higher quality if they decide to edit it. I know you can import an mp3 and edit that, but this might be better. Also, if you have added any music to your track, they can go in and see the layers and edit that too.

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