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"Attachment Unavailable" error in order


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I have had this problem on my inbox before but now is happening on an order I need to deliver tomorrow.

The buyer have tried several times to attach JPG files but they show with a text of “Attachment Unavailable” on my end.

I can’t blame it on the client because I CAN SEE the files in the mobile app but there is no way to save them. I have already tried login out/in and different browsers.

I contacted support but haven’t hear back from them yet.

I’m afraid this might end up in an order cancellation, a bad experience to client which is going to be related to me as a seller in his mind, and of course, monetary loss for me.

I directed the client to upload the files in a cloud service, but that should not be necessary for a simple, small JPG image.

Have anyone else experience this bug?

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