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Made my first $500 dollars in 1 month :-)


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Hi Fellow fiverrs my name is Heathcliff and i am fiverr Member since May 2015 . At first i came here as a buyer , in June month i bought a site and i dont know much about web designing so i contacted a fiverr seller and he quoted me around $20 for some basic stuff , so i was okey with the budget and i told him i will place an order . When placing the order it asked me to pay the amount through paypal . I have paypal account with Zero balance in it so i tried to transfer some amount to my paypal account through my bank but in India you cannot send money to paypal account . So what now ? i cannot transfer my money to paypal account , what should i do Now ? Hmmmm I am a 3D modeller and graphic designer even worked for some feature films in India so i started this gig (https://www.fiverr.com/heathcliff/model-any-kind-of-3d-objects?extra_fast=true ) in the end of june month hoping i can make $20 so that i can use this money for my site . In first week i havent received any order so i thought it may take at least 2 or 3 months to make $20 , but after first week every thing changed . In second week i made 3 sales and within a month i made 42 sales with Total of $500 in my fiverr acount now . I thank My great Buyers and Fiverr team for giving me this opportunity to prove myself . I have resigned to my job and now i have become a full time Fiverr seller. Hope i will achieve top seller badge soon.

  • Heathcliff
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