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Have being here for over a week now and no sales


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I checked, only concern I have is that most just seem too good to be true, quick money making books sold greatly in the 80s, nowadays people are grown to be more vary.

Personally, I think the ebook and website/blog gig is the most appealing!
I mean, if I win national novel writing month this year, I might come back to your gig 😛

Lots of people want to start blogging (and get their hobby writings published), maybe make that to an own gig? Word it in a way it attracts newbies, who wonder about blogging, maybe offer support or answering their future questions as extra or something. and maybe consider if you need the gimmick gigs…

Please understand this is just my personal opinion, coming from a culture a bit different from Nigeria or USA, and lots of people may think otherwise, but because of the “easy money/easy traffic” gigs - there’s too many fake traffic gigs here, that even legit ones suffer from them - they make me feel that maybe your blog/ebook gig isn’t real either, and that is putting me off. So, make sure you look at your Fiverr profile as a whole, and offer gigs that compliment each other, and take down gigs that might not fit in.

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