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Make more with your gigs!


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I’m a newbie here on fiverr so please excuse my ignorance of some perhaps very common knowledge among seasoned sellers. I am planning on reading more from the fiverr blog and here in the forums but I would also want to hear directly from more experienced sellers.

My gig is designing ebook covers. That’s all I have right now really. I hope to promote this gig outside fiverr first and see how the reception goes. Hopefully it’s positive since I really think I’m selling a very high quality gig (I wonder who doesn’t think that about their gigs). you can see it here:


I know there are options that let’s you sell more with your gig, I think that comes with the levels, or tenure, I don’t know. I’m waiting to be able to use those to but since I’m really, really new, I guess it’s going to take some time for me to have those.

Anyway, would anybody who how I can leverage my gig and earn more from it? I was thinking of maybe creating a “product package”. So I was thinking that would contain maybe a 3d mock, then a box, and cd cover. Think that would work? Or should I just make that a separate gig altogether?

How long did it take before you guy’s leveled up? Is leveling up hard?

Hope you guys would share your thoughts.


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