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Spam/Scam - Asks you to Email them


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"I am Ann Ben a United State army

it would be great to get to know you ,kindly permit my contacting you

through this medium.i have a very important and confidential matter

that i want to discuss with you,i am in Syria for the sake of the crisis

so kindly reply me so that i will introduce myself to you.here is my



Ann Ben

Reported 20:10 July 30, 2015"

If you get this email (or something similar) whether it is already blocked or not, it is not a real offer. Do not attempt to email this person or contact them in any way. Stay safe! 🙂

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Reply to @fonthaunt: shrugs As much as I understand it, it almost doesn’t matter how badly they write the content because the same message gets sent to hundreds of thousands of recipients at a time. With almost no time and effort involved, if only a tiny fraction of recipients respond, then it works out. For example, if this message gets sent to 500,000 email addresses over the span of a year (though probably more), and only .01% of recipients respond, then that’s 5,000 people who thought it was a legitimate message. If only .01% of that same population carries through to the “end” of the scam, then that’s 50 people who got tricked out of their money. If we assume $50 to $100 from each successfully targeted victim (the .01% of the .01%), then that means the scammer would come away with $2,500 to $5,000 (although potentially even more) which - depending on where in the world you live, and assuming it’s in US dollars - is quite a lot of money.

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Looks like it was written with the help of Babelfish! LOL

“They are there for the crisis” - not sure what that means? LOL I bet what happens is they are in crisis and need you to “hide” millions of dollars from their government and they will give you half of it for being “so kind”… ha!


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I got a message a few days ago telling me that I got several million dollars.
I said something like “Wow, how stupid do you think I am. IF it is true, go send that money over to an animal shelter or a national park.”

And of course I hit the report button 😛

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