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Statistics of sellers on fiverr


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No doubt Fiverr is one of the best place for online jobs but i have few questions regarding statistics of sellers in my mind , if any one can answer me

  1. approximately how many new sellers joins fiverr daily ?
  2. approximately how many leave ? ( due to any reason )
  3. what % of earnings is being shared by new comers ? ( less than 1 month joining time)
  4. what % of seller adopt this field as profession ?

    reason behind asking is that i want to make this field as my profession.

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Hi there

No user will truly be able to give you those statistics unless it’s from fivver support themselves. I don’t see this happening.

What I recommend is that you can start by selling gigs and over a 3-6 month period see how it goes for you and if it’s feasible then to make it full time then do so…if not then you have your answer.

Many fiverr sellers are full time on here so it’s indeed possible but its different for everyone. Try it out and see.

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