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Illustrator facebook page like comment please?!


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Hello people hope everyone is well!

Bit of self promotion in this thread really 🙂

So I have a website http://theartofabthomas.co.uk/ which im pretty proud of and get most of my illustration work out side fiver from and I’ve just set up a facebook page with work on it as well! Id really appreciate likes comments or just for you to have a look at it and tell me what you think! Its only just been setup and I just need to get it out there. The page is https://www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/Theartofabthomas.

Im also on twitter if you want to see my ramblings its @battleangel82

I know your all busy people and I appreciate you taking the time to have a look see.

If anyone wants me to look at there page and like or tell them what I think in return im more than happy to just let me know!


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Well it worked, I think you are talented so I collected 1 of your gigs. First site is really good with all the example images but then you let me down on the about and contact pages. Maybe on those two pages, put one larger example (your best work) on each page. The blog opening in a new window bothered me, but there were nice images there. Might just be me, but blog should just be another link, not a new page.

The second site does not work at all and I tried with https without https, adding a .com and well maybe fix your URL so we can take a look see?

Hope this helps,



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