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What I'm looking for (as a buyer)


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Reply to @chrislnz:

Yo Chris,

I checked your gig like i promised and it is a pity that my network is not hosted on Word-press. I use ning.com. I program a lot myself on my spare time, using html5, css, Java-scripts or J query. But i am moving from ning to Jamroom.net cos i want something that is more tailored to my Artists and producers.

I will go ahead and buy your first Gig, just to give you a start up, when you see the gig, just send anything back and i will give you a real nice feedback for a startup.

I will also head to http://creators.ning.com to write a very good Blog about your gig. I have friends there who have ning network and also the same network on WP just to secure it, maybe some of them might need your service. I hope this will help you to start up & off fine.


So gig ordered,

Discussion written on creators where the big biz is going.


I am off for a biz dinner, wish you luck chris

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Speaking primarily for myself, and with all due respect:

Some people, myself included–really don’t want our faces out there. Whether it’s because we’re camera shy, or this is income that we don’t want other people in our lives knowing about, or we have regular jobs that might decide working this site is a conflict of interest (there are jobs out there that do not let you have a second job on the side, whether you work for yourself or not; I used to work for one such corporation). Why should we risk or abandon any of that for you?

We’re not here to sell our faces (except for some cases…right #adamrussell? LOL). We ARE here to sell our skills or products, and since you’re only risking a potentially refundable five bucks (as opposed to $5K, $500 or most of the time even $50), I think buyers can probably be prevailed upon to respect those of us who prefer to have an avatar.

In regards to the gig details: they are already stated WITH the gig! There is a contact button for the seller (or you can click on the seller’s name) if you have specific questions that are not covered by the said description. It’s not reasonable to expect us (sellers) to anticipate your (buyers) knowledge base, familiarity or lack thereof concerning our gigs. As sellers, we pretty much expect you to at least have an idea of what you want before you buy.

I’m a Tarot and Oracle reader—my disclaimer? I read CARDS, not MINDS. 😃 If you’re unsure of something, ASK.

I’m not interviewing with you for a job. What I am doing is displaying my wares in a shop window. Either you want one of those wares, or you don’t. If you do, then by all means, purchase my gig and I will deliver. If not, then I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Tarotkatya 😉

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Reply to @stygoalphamatt: Thank you.

stygoalphamatt said: Finally i have to say thank you Wendym for making me laugh while reading this:
wendym said: or your neighbor secures his wi-fi connection so you no longer have free internet access except during library hours

It has happened, not with one of my fiverr sellers but a freelancer I hired called me and was nearly in tears because the work was done but she was freaking out on how to get it to me; we ended up passing a flash drive back and forth via snail mail.

@Tarotkatya I'm not holding a gun to anyone saying "Upload your pic or else!" if you don't like my perspective on the subject then then it's all good, statistics bear out that more people trust profile pictures over avatars when it comes to hiring but feel free to do whatever you like.

You're not showing your wares (which are tangible goods) you're putting forth a service. How you want to represent your service is completely up to you.
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  1. “showing my wares” was a metaphor…!

  2. obviously, you haven’t checked out my posted work.

  3. I just pointed out that you had not thought through your rather blanket statements. You also apparently feel that there are very few judgmental people on the planet. Really. Really? You stated essentially that you won’t buy unless you see the seller’s face–I’d say that’s pretty judgmental.

  4. Did you think that maybe, just maybe, a seller not showing her or his face is to protect themselves from an abusive situation, and that working at something on fiverr might just get them OUT of that abusive situation??

  5. oh,…and thank you for your permission!





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The way she wrote her original post seemed to imply her "as the buyer (representing other buyers…)"

And, I don’t think I’m the only one who read it that way (consciously or otherwise), in view of all the posts she got back essentially saying “great tip!” There are a lot of sellers who need to sell…and any implication that their avatar somehow makes those sellers either inaccessible or suspect is unnecessary, and possibly for some discouraging.

What she probably ought to have said at the start: "the following post represents MY personal buying preferences…"

Having said that…yeah, she can vote with her dollars, all the while keeping any extraneous judgments to herself.


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Nicely done wendym. I agree for the most part, but not ordering from sellers who fail to post a facial picture doesn’t make sense.

Anonymity is the beauty of cyberspace. One can succeed while escaping all of the isms (prejudice) of the real world – whether real or imagined.

Professionally, my employer bills clients $650 to $800 per day for video editing services I offer here for a fraction of the cost. “It would impact and devalue” what he spent a lifetime building if his clients thought they could get the same service here from me.

Thanks for the post.

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Hi, i have a client who orders regularly from me and currently I’m doing 2 illustrations per day for him. However the key factor is that the art must remain off public portfolios because it is not published by the client. So I have to add my own work but this doesn’t count as fiverr portfolio and I have to ignore “seriously dude what’s wrong with you” messages each time I delive the artwork… but since the work is long term I don’t have complains.

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