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How i can increase my gig impression's , views $ clicks


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I think there should be a seperate section for this question because it gets asked all the time. I have answered this question more times than I can remember. As public relations and marketing experts we have people contacting us all the time asking for free advice.

As I have gone over this subject many times, I will cut my answer right down.

If you are looking to increase sales then the following steps are places to start

  1. Contact local media and make them aware of your services (full explanation of this on other forums I have posted to)
  2. Use online marketing, twitter, facebook, press releases, and other methods
  3. Join networking groups and hand out cards with your services
  4. Create a blog about your services

These are just a few of the methods that people should use. A lot of people think they can create a gig and then orders will come quick and fast, it does not work that way.

If you want to be a seller earning $1,000 or more a week then you need to work at it and use the above steps and other online marketing methods to generate sales.

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Maybe try a real photo for your profile instead of the Fiverr badge.

Also, you have a few mistakes in you profile. Clean up the grammar and punctuation. And I would not say you are a “workaholic”, that means usually a negative thing. Just say you work hard to get the job done and satisfy your clients.

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Share your gig everyday on social media platforms and edit your gig and add very unique effective gig images and a video to attract your buyers. Keep your gig description very clear and attractive to your buyers. When your orders went up, your impressions also will definitely go up to a higher level in high rating category. :)>- Good luck with your sales on Fiverr!

Cheers! :-h

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Hi all,
there are few things which i want to add
how you can increase your gig impression, views?
all of social media help you a lot as many people view your gig its impression will increase
what will be benefit of all these?
your gig will comes at top and there will be more chance that you can sell more to clients fiverr algorithm give chance to new user so that they can stable in this field and earn a lot $$

so try to share your gig on social media this will help you a lot 🙂

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give me soulition my fiverr impression is day by day is down please give me


i have write detail in my last message hope this will help you main thing is that you should share your gig on social media account and try to increase faviourt of your gig this will increase you sell

have a good day

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