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Spammers Getting Smarter - Don't Fall in Trap


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Hi Everyone,

Recently, Some one claiming him/her self US Army person , fighting in vietnam sent me message with their mail id. They were looking for some sort of help and asking them to connect with their mail id.

As Myself Being Certified Information Security Expert, the very first impression is, “That’s spam”, But, Suddenly, i thought, how they got in Fiverr. I was like “Ok kkk…” . I reported immediately to Fiverr Support team with his/her profile name and message he/she sent me.

Afterwards, I didn’t really care, but, today, while talking with my wife. She said, “oh! I could have been easily trapped”. I was like , “What! seriously ?”. And the other thing, that clicked on my mind was, “What if , some one else really get trapped, from such spammers ?”.

So, I just thought, to let know my other Fiverr Friends, “Please ! Do not get Trapped in any such spam!”. For all such confusion or doubt, there is 1 simple solution line and that is :-

"Whenever in Doubt, Contact Fiverr Support Team Immediately as i did. (http://support.fiverr.com) " , Using Category , “Trust and Safety”. They are your best available friend.

So, Stay Safe! Keep Rocking Fiverr.



Fiverr Customer Support


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