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Super Easy Tips You Can Use & My 1000th Sale

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Hey, guys!

I was just finishing up my last delivery for the day, and noticed the “completed” tab said 1k!


I can’t even believe I’ve completed that many orders since joining only five months ago! Thank you to all of my wonderful buyers, and to other Fiverr sellers for their great advice! It’s amazing that there is such a hugely helpful community here, this is the first site I’ve been to where competitors are actually encouraging and helping each other. I’m so happy I found Fiverr! 🙂

Some tips…

  1. Stick to one area of expertise! I know some sellers vary their gigs and a few have a lot of success with it, but I tend to only work with sellers who appear to be experts in one general subject, not one who will write your essay, tell your fortune, and give you marital advice 🙂

  2. Find sellers in the same category as you, scroll down, and see who bought it. You can easily find users who left a review on the gig, just scroll down and click their username (only some are allowed to be messaged though). Tell them what you do, who you are, and entice them with a free/discounted offer. Who knows, they could become a repeat customer!

  3. When you’re just starting out, you can’t be picky. Even if you’re an expert, if your gig is new and you have little to no reviews, buyers won’t just take your word for it! Have an amazing portfolio (if you’re in a graphic/artistic category) and always over deliver. Great reviews (and tips) will start to build.

    I’m sure other sellers have a bunch to add, too!


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Congrats, Sydney! That’s a big milestone to reach in just 5 months.

I’m not sure I’d agree with going through other sellers’ reviews and messaging their customers – personally, I’ve found it super annoying/invasive when sellers contact me through the inbox advertising their services. But maybe buyers feel differently.

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