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Where in the world are you from? How has Fiverr helped you in your life?


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Hi Fiverrians 🙂

My name is Emjay and I am from the sunny and beautiful island Jamaica. waah gwan? big up!

Personally Fiverr has helped me to:

  1. Do what I love
  2. Meet so many people from all around the world just from my laptop
  3. Assist with my financial needs

    4 Broaden my knowledge base on many different areas

    among many other things

    How about you?
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I’m from Russia as it’s wirtten in my profile. I just have some spare time during a day and I figured it’s better to do something useful neither than watch a movie 🙂
Right now fiverr doubled my monthly income. But it also eats more time than I expected… all those requests when people are asking to do something, you spend time going though all requirements, studying code they provided and then they just say “oh, c’mon I don’t like your tariffs” or “I will think about it” 🙂

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I’m Belén from Spain. I left my job last year to study a Master’s Degree. Then, I discovered Fiverr and decided to give it a try.
Even though my field is Computer Science (specifically Artificial Intelligence), my gigs are unrelated to that, as I wanted to do something different to what I do the rest of the day. I chose translations because I have experience as a translator and they don’t take too much of my “brain power”, also most of them are kind of fun to do. Now I’m thinking about expanding my offer and do some video animations.

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