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Modification delivery time extension


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I delivered artwork to a client for one of my illustration gigs two days ago, which was submitted before deadline. The buyer just now purchased one of my modification extras. This extra is supposed to extend the delivery time by one day, but the order is now marked “LATE”. I’m guessing this is because the deadline was two days ago (I submitted the day of deadline), and the “extra day” for the modification was added to the original deadline date. And since the original deadline was two days ago, adding a day to that would make the deadline one day ago, thus the order is now late.

My question is, if the buyer purchases an extra like this that is supposed to extend the deadline, shouldn’t it be extended from the moment they purchased it (in my case, a couple hours ago), rather than making it retroactive to the original deadline (which is now past)?

Not sure if this is how it is supposed to be or not, or if others have had a similar issue. If so, I’ll probably just add a few days to my modification extra, since I generally submit work the day it’s due or shortly before.

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