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Please Sellers See this & Fraud Done


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Guys nowadays buyers are talking benefit of fiverr cancellation system.

In my case from last week people are doing this 1st they will order & when work is done & delivered they are ask for refund & cancel. They are saying he are not happy & give wrong allegation. But before order i always takes screenshots of my work & i have sent to Fiverr. But i don;t know why always fiverr will say if buyer want money back we can give them anytime they want if work is done & completed. So guys give me your suggestions what to do in that condition.

I am on fiverr from last 3 years or more but never see this please advise

Sheriff’s Note: This is not a good fit in Tips for Sellers. It has been moved to Fiverr FAQ.

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We are clear about your situation. As fiverr sellers we have to face that problem. Fiverr has a feature I have seen is that, fiverr has give priority to sellers in one side with compare to other sites,(We don’t need to apply for jobs e.c.t.) But they have give priority to buyer as well. So that money back problem is there. ‘Giving priorities for both buyer and seller in two aspects’ That’s the fiverrs existence theory…

But fiverr should correct money back problem… Let’s suggest something to do for this problem.

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