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Buyer wanted Refund after getting Source file

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Hello… fiverr Team,

I’m a New Seller on Fiverr.com! I Started July 2015 & I already order Created 45 in my first month. my account URL is… https://www.fiverr.com/creativetouch7 ! However, Today I face some Problem… Few Days Ago, I created a logo for this Buyer [FRAGGLESROCK] ! His order Number ( Order [FRAGGLESROCK] … & … Order [FRAGGLESROCK] ) He Purchase Source file option & also 3-5 Different concept option…! I already Sent him Everything! He Didn’t Purchase commercial License ( this Was not Available on my GIG Extra )! I can’t see any Option for this! that’s Why I added all about my Service on my GIG Descriptions. Now he asked me I need commercial License…!! He also Told me… I don’t care fiverr… if you don’t want to give me Commercial License file… I need Full Refund.

Please help me… I already Spend more time for him … & He got Everything ( source file ) from me …!!

Please… Waiting for your Responds…🙂

Sheriff’s Note: Please read the forum’s dos and donts - posting about, or directly calling another another seller/buyer is not allowed

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The fiverr team does not read forum posts.
If you had informed about the license before he purchased the gig then you can open a support ticket and the support may take your side.
Most of the people just don’t read your descriptions.
So just open a support ticket ASAP and wait for the support’s response.
Hopefully they will help.

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