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Gig delivery is not working


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I am going nuts here. Ever since my very first sale I always have to deliver my gigs 2-3 times before the timer finally stops and order shows delivered. Now I’m stuck with an order that I have tried to deliver 7 times. Tried it with attachment and without one, but nothing. The deliver now button is still there and timer is running, although I can see 7 delivery messages on the order. My gig is an express gig and I might lose this status if I can’t mark the gig done.

Contacted fiverr more than 24 hours ago about this issue, no reply so far.

Also, I only get some of the notifications to my email, many never arrive. For example, I rarely get an email when there is a new message in the inbox. The same happens with two different computers in two different networks.

What to do?

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