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Is Anyone Else's Delivery Clock Glitchy?


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I ended up with my very first “Late Delivery” a few weeks ago, even though when the buyer tacked on an extra, it was supposed to add an extra few days to the clock. Luckily, they didn’t cancel the order and understood. I contacted support about it, but there’s nothing they could do. Now my Delivered On Time percentage is at 99%, which I know doesn’t exactly affect anything, but I don’t like my percentage being docked like that for a reason that is no fault of my own. And who knows if it will happen again? The other day a buyer ordered an Express Gig and the clock was working as it should. As soon as she tacked on an extra, the timer changed to four days. I’m glad I was able to point out the fiverr glitch in time or else she could have cancelled or just feel that she got cheated out of some money. I know nothing is perfect, but certain glitches on here have really cost me and the affects seem to be irreversible. 😦

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