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Buyers Reviews - from a Buyers point of view

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I am a buyer and am finding it very frustrating trying to find experienced sellers on fiverr (so far in the logos & web dev categories)


Most of them that are “recommended” have got less than 30 buyers and there is no way that I can see to filter

this now.

It used to be possible in the old fiverr, why did you take it away?

I understand that there are new people that need a break but it should be the buyers choice - not us being forced to wade thru a bunch of newbies!

Please enable the facility to search for experienced sellers (I’m sure the experienced sellers want this as well otherwise they will leave fiverr in droves and you will only have newbies)

If I buyers have wade thru hundreds of newbies to find what they want they may even leave fiverr and go looking elsewhere and that doesn’t help anyone here.

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