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Improving the "My Contacts" Feature

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I think the “my contacts” feature is one of the most helpful additions Fiverr has made this year (and the tip feature I suppose)! I do think there is room for improvement though so that sellers can get the most from it:

  1. Bulk messaging: just in case, Fiverr will probably have to limit how many you can send, but it’d be cool to allow a bulk message every once in a while, whether it’s to announce a new gig, send a discount to all previous buyers, etc.

  2. Sort by gig ordered: for instance, I just took my writing gig off pause after a two-month break and many buyers wanted me to tell them when it came back. It’d be cool if I could sort all of my contacts and message only those who have purchased my writing gig in the past.

    I’m sure you guys have stuff to add, too!
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