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Positive but low rating?


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So I sell services on fiverr and I started about roughly a month ago, had two orders overall.

I live in the UK so the time would be British standard time compared to USA time so take this into account when reading.

Buyer sent first message at 02:38am in my time, I happened to woke up of the notification so I went and replied back at 02:51am. Next bunch of messages I do and from him are average 2-3 minutes from each other so I stayed up to do the messages till he then purchases and sends the info at 03:11 (BST), I started the order at 03:38am, completed it at 04:11am.

From the purchase till completed was 55 minutes and 11 seconds, this is at 4:11am in the morning don’t forget in my time and I also did extra gigs on the house for free for him.

So about an hour later he sends feedback, 1 positive rating from him and 5/5 service as described, 5/5 would recommended but here it is 4.5/5 for communication.

If messages are so close to each other and proper grammar is used and keep the customer updated, isn’t this feedback abuse? Because i’m now at a 97% positive rating now, I did extra stuff, I was up in the morning when before hand I was sleeping and to quickly complete the order fast as possible and starting it at 03:38am, doing extras on the house I did all this and I don’t see how my communication skills were in anyway bad as they were replied to very fast, gave him insights, tips and also how it works and I get punished for it with a 4.5 which then affects my overall positive rating 97%. I’ve been sitting here after waking up at 8am finding out what I’ve done wrong with communication as said communication replies were very fast and so was the order at the early hours of the morning! I’ve been devastated by this feedback and it’s really troubling me as nor does it make sense in anyway it was deserved. I’ve asked him what I’ve done wrong with communication and hopefully receive a reply after to find out what went wrong or if it can be re-edited (I’ll keep you updated with what happens with that). Is anyone else getting the same thing or know what else I can do?

Please take note, that I sell on fiverr even though I’m in the uk so the time zone is different to everyone else’s, mine is the British standard time.

Thanks guys.

Ben B

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Reviews are about how the buyer felt our service was, and not about how we felt we delivered it. Sometimes those two perceptions are different. I had a 3.5 star review once for no apparent reason, but I guess that’s life.

Probably, there will come a day when you´ll make a small mistake in one of your orders, and will get a 5-star review anyway. That happened to me once (but fixed it very quickly), and the buyer not only gave me 5 stars, but also a tip. I guess that when you’re a honest seller, moments of good and bad luck compensate each other.

I think that your gigs seem good and different enough to not being affected for that 4.5 rating, so don’t worry too much.

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Reply to @imodzservices: the exact algorithm that Fiverr uses to rank a gig is a secret, just as Google’s, so it’s impossible for us to know how a negative or lower than 5-star review affects.
But in my experience those “false positives” don’t affect much. I don’t have 100% and my main gig appears in searches before other gigs that have 100% and more sales than me. Probably, real negatives (1 or 2 star reviews) have a bigger negative impact.
I also suspect that recent events have a greater influence that older ones.

But, anyway, you can search for your own gig once in a while and see where it appears. Also, keep in mind that going down for example 1% in searches in a crowded category (such as logos) has a much bigger effect that in yours (I don’t think there are that many gigs offering what you offer).

Lastly, your percentage will go up when you get more 5-star reviews. The more 5 stars you have, the less a negative review impacts on your total.

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Reply to @imodzservices: I’ve found this on Fiverr’s help:

“Both buyers and sellers can remove or edit their feedback three days after its placed. After three days, feedback cannot be edited. If you are unable to remove your feedback or wish to remove a work sample from a feedback review, please contact Customer Support with your order number.”

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