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No Any Sell and no queries from last 24 days


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Hi All,

I have requested the cancellation for orders from fiverr customer care without affecting my rating which are non responsive from buyer end, fiverr customer care executive assured me, it will be done, As she cancelled order, my rating droped,

On Cancelling the non-reponsive buyer order, On my analytics page Order Cancelled showing 1%, previously it was 0%.

and at dashboard, it was showing Orders Completed 98% instead of 99%. Previously it was 99%.

This affected my Rating.

CC executive replied me "I review your account, it seems the you have 2 orders that have not been completed and the buyer has not send you the requirements. " she told me to nudge the buyers.

I told her "I already did many times U can check in order detail.

Can you cancel these 2 orders too. Also what on Analytics Page it is still showing 1% Order Cancel instead of 0%."

She told me "I cancelled the order and also reloaded your counters. Please allow 24 hours and let me know if you have any issue."

till that day my counter are showing On Dashboard Orders Completed reach to 96% instead of previous rating 99% and on Analytics it reached to 3% from 0%.

She told me these counter just shown to seller, not to buyer, i dont know what fiverr showing a buyer about seller information, fiverr policies.

its 21st day open my request, no counters are fixed, I m not getting queries from buyers and not a single sell.

It can be just coincident that there are no queries and new orders, but i got every day queries regarding gigs and 2-3 days i got an order on average.

Please suggest what i supposed to do, it was better not to request cancellation from fiverr cc. atleast i was getting orders in 2-3 days, quesries multiple evry day before this request for cancellation.


Gaurav Sharma


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