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Customer nightmare!


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Hey fellow sellers!

I am at a loss here.

I recently had my radio sweeper gig ordered and had a TERRIBLE experience with my customer.

First of all he asked for more than what the $5 gig entailed. I asked him politely to buy the extra for what he wanted. The seller then got an attitude and tried to explain to me how my own gig worked. 30 minutes after that (before I even had a chance to respond) he tried to cancel the order due to lack of seller response. Once I saw this, I quickly rejected the cancelation and completed the gig to try to smooth things out. He accepted the work, yet left me a negative rating because I did not “respond to him within 30 minutes.” (Actual words… I have the screen shot) I messaged him and pleaded with him to change his rating. I explained to him that I provided him a service AND delivered the gig 3 days EARLY despite the huge 30 MINUTE wait time. After 4 or 5 messages and me explaining that I’m just a broke college student, He finally agreed to change the rating back to positive.

I thought everything was worked out.

THEN, he messaged me again and offered me a “job” outside of fiverr. He claimed that it paid $9.50 an hour. I respectfully declined his offer seeing as how I definitely didn’t want to interact with him anymore AND that is against Fiverr’s policy. He then changed my rating to “the gig and user is terrible, never buy!! most of the sales are from fake accounts!!! He is a money scammer” Which is COMPLETELY false.

Now that is the first thing people see on my top selling gig. I usually get 3-4 orders a day. Since that rating (4 days ago) I have had 0 orders.

I filed a claim with fiverr 4 days ago and have yet to hear from them. I thought level 2 sellers got priority. I guess not.

Is there anything you guys have experienced like this? Is there a way to avoid bad customers in the future? I sure hope the community can help me, because fiverr has left me in the dark.



Just heard back from customer support. They gave me a one sentence response after waiting 4 days. "After further review, we need your buyers consent to remove the rating"

This is flat out unacceptable. I still have not had a sale since that review has been posted.

I immediately filed another case. We’ll see what happens.

if you get an order shanehradisky. be careful.

update 2

Customer support quickly responded to my second claim. They removed the feedback… but there’s a catch. Turns out that the job I did for this guy was for a fiverr clone site. I had no idea these things even existed until now. I was just reading a script. Now I’ve been warned that my account could be deleted and my best selling gig has been completely removed. I am very frustrated on how this worked out. I don’t feel like customer support is there to support me at all. It feels more like they’re covering themselves.

I have done nothing intentionally wrong, and yet I’m still paying for it.

*update 3

My gig was only suspended due to my website url being on the gig image. You couldn’t see the url when it was uploaded so I thought it was ok. None the less I understand why they suspended it, and I have uploaded a new image. So I guess this is all over. Probably cost me about 40 to 60 bucks over the last 4 or 5 days. I really hope karma finds a way to get that kid back.


There’s jerks out there.

Thanks to customer support for doing what they could.

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Guest jeffmoses

As above but also going forward think twice before rejecting a mutual cancellation.

Yes you will lose the sale, but is it worth it when you have a customer behaving like this…

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Contacth the customer service as others said.

Sne dthem a screenshot of your conversation with him where he proposed you a job outside of Fiverr. They will surely understand and delete the buyer feedback.

Sorry to hear that you got this type of buyer…

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