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Seller Insults


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I want to bring to this forum if is allowed for a seller to insult a buyer . this user (seller ) user-fragglesrock start insulting me without a reason, just because I didn’t reply to her proposal in the time she wants, here is some of the insults she send me :




Why you people dont reply ? . Is it hard to say that you are not getting anything . ah* face fragglesrock


speak a*****e fragglesrock you .


what happened you fragglesrock ? cant reply ?


fragglesrock you now ?

I think this shouldn’t be allow here , this is a web for professionals

Sheriff’s Note: No seller or buyer is allowed to be abusive to another user. It is also not allowed to call out a user by username on the forum and you may not write or paste in derogatory or obscene language. The word fragglesrock is used to replace disallowed information so most of your post is now edited. Your best recourse is to report the person to Customer Support.

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