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What is this ?!


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I’ve fiverr gig providing shoutout in instagram, my gig was made few days ago, I’ve got many traffic from social networks also 5 sales with 5 stars ratings.

My gig until now isn’t in the search results, I contacted support they replied me ;

Your Gig was reviewed by our Editors, and the services you have offered on Fiverr is not in our editorial focus and guidelines. You are more than welcome to create new and unique gigs on the marketplace.

I’ve spent money and time on this gig to be high quality gig, after this fiverr is saying they’ll not put my gig in the search results for no reason ?!

What should I do

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Create a gig within their nebulous editorial focus and guidelines. Or, if your current gig is proving successful without additional help, keep working on it until they decide to include it anyway as a moneymaker. If you get repeat buyers and five star reviews very consistently, you’ll get the additional exposure.

Then you’ll have new problems to deal with 😛

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