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#1 How to maximize your services on social media:

Many people are often asking how to effectively advertise your gigs on social media. Although much effert and time must be invested for it to actually work, you have to note that there is a chance for it not working and starting over again will be the solution. The first thing you need to do is look at who is interested in your services, they are the audience you want to try and target. Following the next few steps will likely bring you to the point where you can create a target audience to which you’ll present your services to.

A) Create an account on the platforms of your choice. I recommend Facebook, Twitter and Blogger. There are many other platforms you can use, but I can’t add them all, I recommend you search through the social media site index, if you’re smart you can find it without the link being shown here.

B) Your goal is to setup a free blog at blogger before you create your accounts, you will constantly be creating blog posts related to your services which will potentially bring in “interested future purchasers” (I’ll explain about this a little later…)

c) Before doing anything, figure out keywords that are related to your services and create content that is simply creative with no spam being present. You can purchase a writing gig on Fiverr to help you out with your posts if you are not comfortable doing it yourself. This content must be creative and original. Go to Blog.Fiverr.com and see how they write their content to get a feel at what your content should look like.

d) Examples:

If you are offering a logo designing service, one of your keywords would be "Logo Design"

You can create an article about how to create a vintage logo with 12 easy steps, you can create a tutorial on how to create a creative text logo using adobe illustrator CC 2015. You can posts vector freebies on your blog which you created for free. Your goal is to create content related to your services offered to drive genuine interested traffic.

e) The reason I recommend blogger is because it’s a Google product. It will help tremendously for showing up in search results!

f) You can comment below with any questions you have!

g) Once your blog is setup you can then setup your social media accounts and add your new blogger URL. As a starter, it will take time to build momentum but keep on updating your facebook posts and twitter tweets with the links to your blogger posts.

h) To add your FIVERR widget to your blog simply go to your menu>my sales>promote your business>copy your badge and paste it into your blog. If you’re not familiar with blogger you can simply find someone to do it on fIVERR 😉

You can also create custom offers with “FIVERR ANYWHERE” which you can paste it into your html box on your blog easily.


By creating content that future clientele want you bring in genuine interested visitors. By having your blog link together with your social media will generate viewers from both sides: Blog-Facebook-Fiverr Services or Facebook-Blog-Twitter-Fiverr Services!

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I think it’s just a problem with people–we all want to be successful and rich and only work for 1 hour a week. So we ask people who seem to have it or buy all their stuff so the success rubs off…

…but there’s just that little thing where even the most lazy successful person worked their butt off to get to that stage and often with a lot of unpaid time and effort. They then just got really clever and marketed the dream 😉

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