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How way I get order?


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I am new here.How way I get order?How way I can sell my services.I am expert in wp theme development and html,css,psd to html,email template design.

I give here one gig and I want to create more gig but I don’t know when i got order

a href=fragglesrock


Sheriff’s Note: Common questions should be placed in Conversations or Fiverr FAQ. Your username is already a hyperlink to your profile so links are not desirable in non-advertising categories. if you wish to add a link, that is considered advertising and goes in My Fiverr Gigs only.

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I would give you a little advice that can help you in getting sales. Your communication seems to be hard to understand. While you do all other tips mentioned on the forum and throughout online, try nurturing your English communication.

When the potential buyers can’t understand what you say in the Gig description and Messages, then it’s always a low conversion rate. 🙂

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