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I have been getting a lot of buyers who blindly place orders, even when i have highlighted in my gig description to message before placing order. The last one i received just placed an order and was not responding to my update on order page. Then he suddenly replies ‘Please, cancel the order’.

So, every one is gonna say mutual cancellation. I just happened to read the below article:


This is what happens when many orders are mutually cancelled. Why should a seller pay for some stupid buyer’s mistake(or done intentionally?)? What protection does fiverr platform offer to these kind of seller abuse? I would like any concerned fiverr authorities to give a legitimate answer to this issue or there is no point in sellers who work honestly to continue using this platform wasting their time.


Again, a buyer just messaged he needs a web scraping script. The very next moment even before i could reply he setups an order for 5$. Now when i asked why he setup order without even discussing about work or quote he just replied need the order cancelled. What the heck? I need all orders from buyer’s like this mutual cancelled and loose my level for too much cancellations, when i have stated in my gig description to message before ordering?

Sheriff’s Note: External links are usually disallowed. The one in the post does not represent current Fiverr ToS. Link removed.

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Read the TOS, stick to it rigidly, quote it like the bible/koran/torah if necessary, enjoy the drama.

Oh, and always deliver within your stated parameters. And don’t bite the hand that feeds (I usually ignore that last bit, but I like living dangerously)

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