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Should I deliver my Gig to the competitor

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My Gig is about Google Certification. I share my result in these exams of Google. If someone want to pass the exams and get the certification, ordering my Gig will be an advantage.

But I just received a order from a person. He is have the same Gig like me, he also copy my introduce about the Gig. And the cost, it’s cheaper.

So, should I accept the order and deliver my result to this competitor?

Because maybe he can sign in another account and order my Gig, it could be happen. Hope to receive your sharing. Thank you so much.

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Up to you.
You could ignore the fact that he has a similar offering and think of him as just another client or
you could think of him as a competitor and a person trying to outsource the work.

I would just complete the order and delivery as I’m getting paid. I wouldn’t care what the buyer decides to do with my work

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