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How to get sale on Fiveer?


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I have joined the fiver few days before? I couldn’t get any order now… so someone can tell me hot to become a top sheller? Thank you.


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Hey Mahesh, to become a top sheller, you need one of these bad boys (see pic). Serious response: you only have one gig in a very competitive market. Make some extra gigs (in areas which you are confident that you are good at!) and then it’s a waiting game.

(when is Fiverr going to sort out resizing images in the forum? It’s a paring knife. For shelling… ruined my bloody joke…)

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hi there,

congrats on your profile. I know what you’re going through at this point by not having a sale but don’t give up. While fiverr is doing great job marketing GIGs you also need to help yourself too.

That simply means you need to market your skill or GIG too. Write about your GIG here and there. Mention what you do so that people get to know you. Give it some time and it will come to you.

But don’t expect that just by creating the GIG sales will start pouring in. You really need to work hard so that buyers start recognizing your great skills and efforts.

ah. also make sure that you have clean GIG description so that buyers know what they get by purchasing your GIG.

Other then that congrats again and welcome to the fiverr community.


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If you have 10 years experience designing all those different types of products, create at last 2 more gigs offering different things. It’s hard sometimes if you only have one gig.

ALso, I think this may scare buyers away:

  • We do charge extra $5 for vector file and $10 for vector pack.
  • For Custom and Complex Designs, we do charge more. (please contact before order)
  • For unsure and less detailed about design, please do CONTACT first and order.
  • For mascot style design, please make sure order from Extras.

HOw is someone supposed to know which is a custom design and which is a template? Which by the way, most buyers DO NOT want any templates, they all want custom, or believe it is custom.

Basically it’s very hard to figure out what you really are selling here for $5 for your basic logo gig.

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Your profile seems very new. Why are you upset? Look at me, 9 months old and not any sale yet… lol!! Still hoping, Fiverr will help me.
I’ve stopped going through all the tips, ideas and advises.Now I enjoy reading the Fiverr Stories … may be I can write some after 9 years.

Keep trying and don’t get frustrated !!!

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