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9 months old and no sale yet. Please help!


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I have joined Fiverr on November 2014 almost 9 months old here. I couldn’t make any sale yet. I don’t know what I have not done right to make sure my account performs well.

I want my fellow Fiverrians to look into my issue and help me a way out of this so long wait.

I am in need of your sincere help.

Thank you all.

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Rewrite your gig descriptions (or hire someone). Especially in the gigs where you offer to improve the grammar etc. And get rid of the flowery language. Your photo gig, you promise 100 royalty free photos on “one subject”. That’s overkill. Nobody cares about your WPM–and what if you get sent a Russian doctor’s handwriting? You’re crippled from the offset. Your English is not proficient–as a native speaker, I can tell, and so can your prospective clients–so don’t make that claim. It’s good, but it’s not that good. 20 reviews for $5 “how you want”? No, terrible idea.

Your time zone means nothing–I am in Greece, and my clients are either in the US or AUS. I won’t apologise for the awkward time zoneiness, and neither should you make it a selling point–the extra fast gig is there to eliminate that issue. You are not getting any gigs because you’ve chosen bad ideas that don’t mesh with your skills. Delete them all, think about your skills, be honest and for your photography gig, for example, take some photos of the nature around you in Bangladesh. Show off your skills, not what you think should be your skills.

Sorry if that was a bit harsh.

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hi there,

You really need to do a little research too before placing a GIG on sale. You need to do a research of the market if what you’re offering would likely sale. Then if that’s positive you can write or hire someone to do a nice GIG description for you of what you offer. Do a great video and add some images to the GIG. This way people recognize you better.

also, fiverr is really doing an amazing job by marketing GIGs but you also need to help yourself too. You need to market your GIG too. Also you need to write in forums about what you do and why you do it and what would someone get if he pays you $$$.

Just think as a buyer and ask yourself would you buy your GIG, what is it that you’ll get out if it, do you really need it

Get a nice marketing book and just go over it to get to know the most basic concepts about marketing digital content.

I think after that it will be easier for you to complete a sale.

I hope that I was helpful although I can be writing on the subject a lot.

Best regards and don’t give up

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Reply to @emmaki:

I really appreciate you for being so nice to give your time for going through my gigs, notifying me each mistakes I made rather gave some bookish advise.

Some points I didn’t get from your reply. Can I ask you those to get cleared?


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Hello all,

I am happy today to inform you all that I have gain one order here in FIVERR. That’s good though after a long time. I have get the order through buyers request. I hope to go long way with FIVERR.

Thank You all.


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@atulan @tareq96

Please try at best to target buyers in the Buyer’s Request section being a new seller, a lot of opportunities exist in there Daily, and you must keep a sharp eye on it to apply for them as soon as they’re updated each day. Also don’t use anything cliche’ like “I will do this for you for $5”. Attack like Microsoft - “If you are serious about having this done in a timely manner using our exquisite services, we will be available to start immediately; please respond with the deadline window you are working with”… Stuff like that.

Ensure your tags for each gig is on point - Example for your research GIG - put tags such as “study, research, project” etc. and ensure your title has the word research there also (in caps maybe). I found out also that your GIG picture grabs more people when the pic itself tells clearly (and clearly) what you’re offering without them having to read the title. So your pic can be like a big banner.

Also please keep supporting the forums to get your name out there. Another thing is to try to check out the competition offering the same services you are, set up your gig to be competitive.

Another key factor - Try at BEST to ensure you keep that 100% rating. Tremendous customer service (not pushy or anxious, even if there’s an issue) is the key to this.

Go the extra mile. For start up, I would recommend ensuring you are cheaper than ALL and offering more than ALL. This helped me skyrocket to almost the top of my category with 100% rating in less than 2 months after creating my gigs. - Then you can raise your prices.

Good Luck. Cheers! Have a great weekend @atulan @tareq96 @ana2001 @emmaki @webexpert1313

Best Regards,

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Reply to @atulan: well, I’d need to know which points those were first 🙂 I was very harsh reading back on what I said. Underpromise and overdeliver. In more simple English, make your offer less than what you will deliver, it’s a delightful surprise to the customer!

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