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New Seller... How do you know that you have a gig?


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I was just wondering, I keep coming on here to check if I have a gig and was wondering if there is an easy way to know. Right now I keep clicking on my username, clicking on gigs and then viewing them that way…

If you get a gig, are you emailed? I don’t want to rely on receiving an email just incase but still wondered…

I also wondered, how people offer some services so cheap, I see artists selling portraits for $5… so I wonder if any full time business can operate from here or if it is more for hobby?

Thankyou 😃

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you mean if you get an order, yes when you get an order you will get an email and notification on the fiverr site.

even tho someservices are cheap but with gig extras you can make a decent income from fiverr, some sellers even bought cars and houses just from fiverr income

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