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My client wants to hide the Work done and rate my work but the work is showing to my gig


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There is an option for the client to remove the work done form your portfolio preview on his/her own accord when reviewing the order.
On his review page, there is a preview thumbnail with a (-) on the top left corner. Clicking the minus will remove the work.
I’d suggest that you do not deliver in a .zip file or via dropbox but inform of this option to your client every time you deliver an order.
You will get more sales if people see the work you do in the previews, but this way people that want to keep it private will still review your order without any fear of having the work show up in your portfolio if they don’t want to.

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barmanhost said: my client did not rate me because the work i did for him is showing in my gig and he wants it hidden then he will rate me....

i don’t how it is possible that the work is visible in your gig without rating??i’ve visited your profile to see this, but there is no work there.

you can’t hide your work, its buyer’s right to hide or show their work.read the Note in the last at this topic



Fiverr Customer Support


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