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Two of my clients are now ranked Page One on Google using only Fiverr gigs!


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I am so excited! Using ONLY Fiverr GIGS, my clients have reached Page #1 on Google within 4 weeks!

Here is the background…

Exclusive to Fiverr ** 10 Steps to SEO Success **

How to get your site ranked in Google with your chosen keywords within 3 months …

This is a tried and tested method WITH RESULTS

TWO (2) of my clients in the last TWO (2)weeks (26/03/2012)


Page One on Google!!

If you would like to check for yourself, please go to


Type the keyword

Free and Paid High PR Directory

My client is Tokinet.org and there is OVER 39 million competitors!

If you type

Free High PR Directory – Tokinet.org is also on the first page in position #9! With 21 million competitors!

Next - Go to Google.co.uk

Type the keyword

PR9 Backlinks

You will find SEOMaxer.com in position #9 and rising!

I have used my gigs and other sellers on Fiverr as well…

What a great result!

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