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Is there's any way to block the buyers


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Hi folks! I found some really irritating clients of fiverr. They need Diamond at the price of iron and wanted tons of iteration on the project. I feel very burdened and frustrated sometimes because of this. They force you to do what they want and don’t want to increase the money too. They order the Gig right away without reading the description and then started argument with you. Sometimes I do the job with full of anger inside me, after the job completed they smiled at you and said they will come again for the job. Hell man you made me frustrated and going easy with smile and saying you want me back for your job!! please don’t even think for me next time.

I’m scared just because they left -ve feedback with no reasons, some of previous buyer did same to me. They ordered the gig with no information what I do because they didn’t bother to read the description. Later they write feedback “unresponsive seller, didn’t deliver on time so cancelled, missinterprated Gig” Gosh!!

I’m thankful to Fiverr support that they helped me every time I found myself in such feedback and they removed them right away.

Still I’m searching for a feature so that I can block the buyers I don’t want at the first place.

Thank for stopping by on my post.

Best Wishes

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