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Gigs Beyond $5 open 2 ALL Animation/3D gigs


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I was happy to be part of this very successful early Beta test.

July has been my best selling month by far in 2½+ years on Fiverr.

I am still set to close another 1K+ gig this weekend.

100% fully satisfied Customers.

2 New Buyers.

2 Returning Buyers.

0% Cancellations.

BEST of all NO% inqueries from Buyers about what they can get for $5.

I would suggest that the Gigs Beyond $5 Beta works in every way!!!

"The point is ladies and gentlemen that greed, for lack of a better word, is good."

Welcome to flavor country,


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Nope. Not IMHO. Anyone who can make a profit doing $5 animation is free to take every one of the Gigs that I “miss out on.” This can only help new Sellers get more work because I offer 0% competition for those Gigs.

$5 animators will profit, $1000 animators like me are already profiting, Fiverr profits in either case. It is a Win, Win, Win!!!

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