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Please CUSTOMIZE your offer to win a buyer's GIG


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DO NOT leave blank or leave general comments to the buyer, or you can’t win a gig!

Hi I am a new seller as well as a new buyer in Fiverr…

At the most of the time I come to Fiverr to earn some money (Drawing cartoon for fun), but sometimes I would want to do some shopping in Fiverr as well.

Today I use “Request a Gig” and specific my request in the title (I don’t want to waste my time in searching and filter since I need someone with specific industry background to fulfill my request)

Then I got 22 order requests from around the world, only 8 of them with words, while 6 of them sent me a message to promote themselves…And NONE of them tell me how qualified they would be for my specific request (only some very general AD words, just copy their gig title….)

In other words, no one made outstanding or customize at the first stage.

So, from a buyer aspect, I think that if you want to win a buyer’s gig, you should specific and customize your words before sending the customer offer… a message to the buyer would be highly appreciated! Since too many offers came to the buyer at one time!

DO NOT leave blank or leave general comments to the buyer!

Buyer who use “request a gig” will be those unwilling to spend time in viewing your gigs’ content…no patient at all

Please modify me if my understanding is incorrect, since I am new in both buyer and seller aspect…

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