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Problems with a seller

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Hi everybody. I purchased Link Building service called “rank Your Website on Page 1 in 10 Days with seo pbn or Refund” from https://www.fiverr.com/fragglesrock (order #FO1BC5FA721 ), and it didn’t work at all. Of course it took more than a month to discover no links were actually created, because of how slow SE crawlers works, but the guy told me “it’s strange, i will check” when i complained, and now HE IS NOT REACHABLE for “PRIVACY MATTERS”… .???

What can i do? I want my money back!!


PS to buyers: DON’T BUY!!

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You should not buy a service guarantee first rank.

I say, rank 1 is very difficult.
It’s worth $ 500 or more with 6 months of full employment.

Are you going to work for $ 5?

It is impossible.

We recommend that you buy backlink gigs to add to the index.
Add backlink, adding the index then the traffic will come by itself

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in your case the best thing to do is contact fiverr customer service and explain them everything. They will do a research on their side and see what can be done to help you out.

other then that fiverr is a great place to meet great people so don’t get discouraged because of what happened.

again just get in touch with some of the customer service representatives and they will help you out.


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