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How can i get offer?


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One thing you can do is to correct the typos and grammatical errors in your gig descriptions. If I were a client looking for an “artical” writer, I would not consider you because of the fact that your spelling is not up to standard.

I do not mean to be cruel, but your chosen field is very difficult to break into, and thus you need to present the best possible impression of yourself right from the start if you want to attract business. You could perhaps also create dedicated gigs for specific types of articles to highlifgt your fields of expertise, but in the end, perseverance, good customer service, and an outstanding work ethic/product will make you successful.

Good luck!

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Hi Noreen! This is a very vague question with a number of good answers. You are certainly selling a service that could be useful, however, after looking at your profile the first thing I would suggest is a good proofreading of your gig ads. You have a lot of grammar and spelling errors as well as some improper use of English in your ads that might turn buyers off. For example, you should fix your “I will edit product photos” gig to say:

If you have a product but nobody knows it,you can not develop your business. If you have a product on amazon and want to promote it to customers, this gig is for you.
This is the most affordable gig to promote and market your product.
I will share your product in different marketing and shopping groups with millions of viewers to increase the area and scope of your business.
To see the results I can get for you, just order now.

Even with the above edits, your description still needs some work. I suggest reaching out to some other fiverr members who write creatively and purchase one of their gigs. I think a $5 investment in writing a good description for you would pay off well for you over time.

Hope this helps! Have a great day!

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